Our story starts in 1986 when Scott decided it was time to realize his dream: owning a white bull terrier. Having been bedridden as a child with knee problems requiring multiple surgeries, Scott spent many an afternoon watching old movies. His favorite was Patton and he loved the General's bull terrier, Willie. That was the beginning of his love for the breed.

Scott purchased a white male puppy. His name was "Watson" and Scott did everything he could with him. They were inseparable. During this time, Scott became active in the Bull Terrier Club of Philadelphia. He and Watson were active in area Agility workshops and traveled to conformation shows throughout the Northeastern US where Watson earned his Championship.  Their frequent companions were Mary Remer and her white bitch, Bedrock's Barhumba. Watson and Rhumba became the best of friends.

Unfortunately, Watson's health failed and he was put down in 1989 at the age of three years. When Scott returned home that night, Rhumba was waiting for him.  Rhumba never left Scott's side again, until her untimely death of an infection following the birth of her second litter, in 1993.

In 1992, while renting a cottage on Mary's family farm, Scott met Alison who had come to see a litter of Bedrock puppies. For their Christmas gift that year, Mary and Jay Remer gave Scott and Alison the registration papers for their beloved Rhumba and Reba Lee, Rhumba's daughter from her first litter by CH Windfall's Master Marcus, ROM.   Scott and Alison's breeding program is based on these bitches, who are descended from CH Cannoro Claret, ROM and the royally bred CH Woodrow Carissa, ROM. 

In 1993, Scott and Alison left Bedrock for their own homestead. The four-acre parcel of land which they purchased became Baker Street Bull Terriers' permanent home. Reba Lee (Bedrock Beryl, CGC), Rhumba's daughter, became Baker Street's matriarch. Since Reba passed away at the age of 16, her descendants continue to exemplify what Baker Street stands for: good health, sweet temperament, wonderful type and sound construction.

Baker Street bull terriers are hand-raised with great care, based upon the principle that a puppy raised with kindness and understanding will return your love ten-fold.  They all live in the house - there are no kennel dogs here.  All the dogs are loose together, eat, sleep and play together. The Ibbitsons take great pride in breeding all-around good bull terriers. Bred for the Agility and Obedience rings as well as for Specialty conformation shows, the Baker Street bullies are unsurpassed in sound temperament.

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Scott and Alison Ibbitson